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News | 16 January 2006

Readers of ‘about Libris’ will know that a large part of Libris’s programme concerns the preservation, rediscovery and even the discovery, of German literature for the English-speaking world. Libris might well take for its motto Walter Benjamin’s often-quoted words:

‘Only the historian haunted by the thought that even the dead will not be safe from the enemy if that enemy is victorious is granted the gift of fanning a spark of hope in the past. And that enemy has never ceased being victorious.’

Unfortunately, it is not only enemy victories that endanger the cultural past. Hence, in Spring 2006, we are publishing:

In Time of Need
A Conversation about Poetry, Resistance and Exile
by Reiner Kunze and Mireille Gansel,
translated by Edmund Jephcott,
with an Essay by Ritchie Robertson

This volume focuses on the German poet Peter Huchel (1903-81) who lived and worked for most of his life in Nazi Germany and in the harshest years of Ulbricht’s East Germany, in both of which states he represented just such a spark of hope.

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