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last updated: 10 December 2008

patrick bridgwater

Poet of Expressionist Berlin

The Life and Work of Georg Heym


Excellent and well researched … should become the standard work on the subject’ – Michael Hamburger

‘A detailed portrait of an astounding poet’ – Christopher Middleton

Impeccable and immensely impressive … indisputably a milestone in Expressionist scholarship’ – Journal of European Studies

This extensive critical and biographical study covers the whole of Heym’s poetic output, and shows that Heym’s poetic achievement is much more varied and richer than its conventional reputation. The book also gives an account of Heym’s dramatic work, and of his short stories, which stand beside those of Kleist and Kafka.

This study pays particular attention to the multifarious literary and pictorial sources of Heym’s imagination, which included Marlowe, Shelley and Keats, as well as Büchner, Baudelaire, Van Gogh and Eduard Munch.

Patrick Bridgwater is Emeritus Professor of German at the University of Durham.

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