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last updated: 10 December 2008

brigid brophy

Mozart the Dramatist

The Value of His Operas to Him, to His Age, and to Us

A wide-ranging, exuberant exploration of Mozart’s operas characterized by its author’s special devotion to Mozart and his period. It examines the major operas alongside other works of Enlightenment art and literature, in particular Alexander Pope and Jane Austen, to illuminate their original meaning and their significance for us today.

Brigid Brophy (1929–95) was a novelist, critic and outstanding controversialist. She wrote numerous novels and a biography of the novelist Ronald Firbank.


‘An illuminating, invigorating, thought provoking and profoundly human book, of immense value to any lover of Mozart.’

Jane Glover

‘This is an entertaining book, a Catherine-wheel or jumping-jack of a book, showering sparks in all directions’

Andrew Porter

‘No one has written better on Mozart’

Peter Conrad

‘Immensely enjoyable … an assault on the 20th century in the name of the 18th’

Peter Gay, London Review of Books

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