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last updated: 10 December 2008

Libris links

All links are for websites in English unless otherwise specified.


Brecht – website of the International Brecht Society

Fallada – Fallada Gesellschaft / website of the Fallada Society (in German)

Fontane – Fontane Gesellschaft / website of the Fontane Society (in German)

Fontane – The Fontane Archiv in Potsdam (in German)

Fontane – biography of Theodor Fontane

Fontane – Theodor Fontane’s Blue Plaque Speech in London

Goethe – the English Goethe Society

Goethe – some of Goethe’s Poems (in German)

Haffner – biography of Sebastian Haffner

Haffner – review of Sebastian Haffner’s Germany: Jekyll and Hyde in the Observer

Heym – biographical data about Georg Heym (in German)

Heym – review of Georg Heym’s Poems, by Michael Hofmann

Kästner – biography of Erich Kästner (in German)

Kästner – short biography of Erich Kästner

Kästner – Erich Kästner article on Wikipedia (in German)

Mörike – an article on Eduard Mörike from Gutenberg online database (in German)

Mörike – articles about Eduard Mörike (in German)

Schiller – website of the Schiller-Archive in Marbach (in German)

Svevo – biography of Italo Svevo

Trakl – an article on Georg Trakl

Trakl – biography and poetry of Georg Trakl (in German)

Trakl – biography of Georg Trakl

Exile studies

The Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies – part of the Institute of Germanic and Romance Research

Cultural Institutes

Austrian Cultural Forum

Goethe Institut, London

German Historical Institut, London

Publications and Websites

Modern Poetry in Translation – a long-running London-based magazine

Words Without Borders – an online magazine for international literature